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Article provided by: Royal Life Detox

Recovering from a drug or substance addiction is a process that requires the best possible medical care, a personalized recovery plan, continuous monitoring by your doctors, and a multidisciplinary team that supports you in every phase of the rehabilitation process.

Having medical coverage that covers drug rehabilitation is key to increasing the chances of having a full recovery through which the patient can return to life without addiction.

Many people don’t know that they can have a health coverage plan to support them in these situations, and that’s why today we’re talking about the five things you need to know about our drug rehab health coverage plans:

  1. Addictions

Addiction is classified as a disease that makes those who suffer from it lose the ability to control the urge to use alcohol or other drugs. People who are addicted cannot stop using these substances, even when they are already facing a severe health problem or the harmful psychological, family, social, or work repercussions that dependence entails. That’s why at Aetna, we provide our clients with a comprehensive addiction therapy program that consists of specialized therapy with a holistic approach to the problem to enable a return to normalcy, balance, and full recovery.

  1. Rehabilitation program 

Our rehabilitation programs have three general phases: detoxification, cessation of use, and resumption or reintegration into social life. Our specialists will carry out a previous study of each patient to design the best combination of therapeutic instruments to achieve an adapted and personalized program for each client. 

Our program consists of a multidisciplinary treatment, in which different professionals specialized in psychiatry and psychology can intervene. The individualized plan incorporates different types of individual and group therapies that are always adapted to each patient and their characteristics.

  1. Treatment Centers

The facilities of our medical centers for the treatment of drug addictions are first class. In our admitted centers, we have all the necessary resources to attend to each case’s particularities and an entire staff of medical personnel who carefully monitor our clients’ evolution at all times.

Our care centers can provide different types of care, such as:

  • In-patient detoxification
  • Out-patient detoxification
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Residential Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  1. Who is this coverage for?

Our coverage for drug addictions is not oriented to a specific group. With our programs, we try to help people with addictions to substances such as tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, painkillers, opioids, sleeping pills, or stimulant medicines.

  1. Advantages of our coverage for addictions and substance abuse

One of the main advantages of our coverage over other similar programs is the facilities’ quality at our admitted medical centers and the experience of the professionals working at those centers. However, our plans also have special discounts for long-term treatment and access to advanced treatment. We have one of the leading coverage programs in this regard.

If you want to know more about how to obtain our medical coverage for drug addictions, you can contact us through our website or by visiting any of our offices.

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