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Article provided by: Better Addiction Care

If you seek safe and comfortable couples rehab, Better Addiction Care will serve as your lighthouse. We evaluate every individual’s situation, condition, and symptoms and recommend adequate treatment based on their medical profile and treatment goals and needs. If you need rehab treatment for couples, finding a reliable rehab service provider is essential for the treatment’s success.

How couples addiction treatment works

Joining the treatment with your spouse or partner is always a more comforting solution than going in alone. The treatment will not only help you both overcome your harmful behaviors but strengthen your spiritual bond as well. The rehabilitation treatment will usually take you through several phases:

  • Preliminary clinical investigation – Every drug rehab for married couples begins with in-depth clinical assessment. The process relies on clinical investigations designed to provide our professionals with insight into your condition. The clinicians will use this data to create a targeted rehabilitation program to benefit the individuals and the couple in the long run.
  • Detox and medication-based cleansing – Most addiction victims require medication to control the withdrawal and escape their harmful behavior. A reliable spousal rehab will provide patients with extensive detox services to help them stabilize and heal faster. If you require detox services, we will refer you to reliable institutions specializing in drug and alcohol detox.
  • Inpatient/residential care – The inpatient program is an intensive form of drug rehab focusing on targeted care in a controlled and safe environment. The treatment will take you through multiple recovery procedures and modalities, each with their specific benefits over time. Some of these include psychotherapy, group and individual counseling, holistic healing procedures, group recreational activities, medication management, addiction education, relapse prevention, etc.
  • Outpatient programs (IOP, PHP, Alumni) – These rehab programs serve as preparatory stages for social reintegration and sober living. The goal is to help you and your partner adapt to a self-sufficient lifestyle post-rehab. This includes learning how to prevent relapse over the years, live healthy and balanced lives, improve your financial situation, build a family, etc. All these aspects will give your life a deeper meaning and purpose, providing you with the motivation you need to stay clean over the years.

Can I go to rehab with my spouse?

Yes, there are many rehabilitation facilities that offer rehab services to couples in need. If you and your partner share similar addiction-related problems, joining a facility specializing in couples rehab is ideal for your relationship. A couple inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center will help you overcome the withdrawal, bond with your loved one, make plans for a better future, and learn the value of sober living.

If you need help, we recommend calling our rehab professionals as soon as possible. The treatment will save you from potentially life-threatening health complications along the way.

Verify your insurance now at 800-429-7690 or discuss our services and payment options with our Better Addiction Care professionals. You can take your partner or spouse and contact us today for clinical evaluation and treatment preparations.