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drug rehab in Des Moines

Article provided by: St. Gregory Recovery Center

Society’s understanding of substance abuse has grown immensely in the last couple of decades. The medical community has actual research to support the significance of neuropsychological testing as a critical recovery system. The testing explores the value of the testing to administer drug addiction treatment near me in Iowa that is essential for one’s healing journey.

What Is Brain Research?

There are many different research studies to suggest the importance of various cognitive abilities in a Des Moines drug rehab. The many different standardized tests investigate the functioning of the brain to establish ones particular mental pattern for the following:

  • Intelligence
  • Memory
  • Language
  • Perception
  • Motivation
  • Personality
  • The mood of emotion or state
  • Quality of life

All tests by the drug rehab in Des Moines are done by a neuropsychologist who can interpret brain patterns to score a specific brain pattern. These tests show the critical difference between a healthy and mentally unstable person. It is often that these tests highlight different impacts of brain injuries for you to develop cognitive insight for better decisions.

How Does Drug Addiction Relate to Brain Damage?

The brain changes its physical structure and function based on different chemical reactions. It records life experiences, emotions, and thoughts, and will behave different when it gets a new pattern of different chemical reactions. The changes in the brain are identified as neuroplasticity, which means the changes that occur in the brain as one loses valuable skills to drug addiction.

Addiction affects the brain because it creates a compulsive, repetitive disorder. These stimuli can include all the different opportunities for excitement, including food, sex, junk food, smartphones, and shopping. Studying the brain to learn its behavior for injuries, neurological deficits, and birth anomalies allows scientists to establish the most common characteristic of different minds under drug influences.

How Do We Treat Addiction Based on Brain Research?

The best addiction treatment in Iowa requires significant changes in feelings, behavior, and thoughts. One treatment method is not enough; hence, we incorporate different practices to ensure success. Here is a summary of common treatments:


We have countless cases of patients who benefited from various mindfulness and meditation practices. The different patterns of mental health encourage the brain to overcome addictive conditioning through healthy routines. One can begin contemplative programs through group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and family counseling sessions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a successful treatment that combines different treatment strategies. It is a talk therapy that connects a person’s feelings and thoughts to their actions. Studies show that CBT strengthens different areas of the brain through the following treatment options:

  • Identifying coping skills
  • Establishing interpersonal triggers that cause drug addiction relapsing
  • Increase activities that excite the brain without drug use

You have the opportunity to partake the best drug rehab near me when you join the St. Gregory Recovery Center inpatient treatment program. The treatment ensures you receive the support needed to challenge the drug-addicted cognitive function. The focus of our treatment is to recognize your mental strength while honing the power to form new patterns.

We have many different treatment plans for various co-occurring mental issues. Contact our Des Moines IA drug and alcohol treatment center to learn about our treatments and let us get you through a quick admission and lasting healing and recovery.

drug rehab in Des Moines

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