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Inpatient Drug Rehab Long Island Ny

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Legacy Healing Center is a reputed inpatient drug rehab in Long Island, NY, with state-of-the-art amenities, high-end housing, and evidence-based treatment modalities. We follow a customized treatment approach and offer continuous medical care and support to all our rehab patients.

Treatments and therapies that we offer at our Baltimore rehab

As one of the preeminent substance abuse treatment centers in Baltimore, MD, we use a combination of evidence-based modalities and holistic therapies to address addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, psychodynamic therapy, etc., are some of the behavioral procedures essential to your recovery.

We also use holistic practices like fitness sessions, mindful meditation, nutrition therapy, family therapy, etc., to help patients attain comprehensive wellness. In addition to these clinical and holistic treatments, we provide mentoring service, transition assistance, career service, spiritual guidance, and conduct creative arts sessions and 12-step meetings whenever necessary.

Benefits of inpatient rehab treatment

Inpatient treatment offers the highest level of care and yields the highest success rates. Some of the benefits of inpatient care include:

  • Heal and recover in a stress-free environment with around-the-clock clinical care.
  • Combat addiction and co-occurring mental health issues with peer support.
  • Engage in a series of treatments, therapies, and wellness programs such as detox, counseling, behavioral therapies, 12-step meetings, etc., for a period of 30-, 60-, or 90 days. All these promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

As one of the top rehab centers in Baltimore, MD, we offer the best inpatient treatment with luxury housing, upscale amenities, and evidence-based therapies. We also organize and conduct outings, fitness sessions, mindful mediation therapy, and other recreational activities to help our patients attain a safe, speedy, and pain-free recovery.

Top reasons to choose us for inpatient rehab treatment

As one of the leading Baltimore MD rehab centers, we offer the best medical treatment, transition assistance, mentoring, and career services. Here are some of the other top reasons to choose our inpatient addiction treatment in Baltimore:

  • Coping skills – We use a proven clinical approach and evidence-based modalities to address addiction and equip patients with essential life skills. We use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivation enhancement therapy, and psychodynamic therapy to help recovering addicts combat triggers and cravings.
  • Structure – We engage our recovering addicts in fitness sessions, mindful meditation therapies, spiritual guidance sessions, and creative art sessions to help them develop routine and structure. By engaging the mind constantly, we help patients overcome feelings of loneliness, boredom, hopelessness, and temptations.
  • Relapse prevention education – We train our patients on various coping mechanisms and breathing exercises to help them overcome stressful situations and triggers safely. We create a relapse-prevention plan for each patient to follow after rehab. Relapse prevention education helps prevent relapse and encourages individuals to remain focused on sobriety in the long term.

Call us now at 1-888-534-2295 to get started on recovery. Legacy Healing Center is the #1 inpatient drug rehab in Long Island, NY, with the highest success rate and an experienced clinical team. Get in touch with us today to verify your insurance.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Long Island Ny