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Drug abuse, violence, suicidal cases, and mental health are prevalent among Native Americans. Special consideration is required in managing addiction and mental health issues among American natives due to their spiritual, cultural, and historical trauma. Finding a rehab facility that offers substance abuse treatment for Native Americans is critical in achieving lasting recovery. Integrating spiritual and western treatment modalities in our recovery approach enables us to manage addiction among Native Americans, thereby improving health outcomes. This approach addresses addiction and treatment for Native Americans. It also helps in combating the long-term complications of drug or alcohol addiction.

Natives seeking rehabilitation might find themselves being a minority in the facility. As a result, they might become nervous about opening up to other people, especially if they have experienced prejudice and racism. However, our professionals understand the native customs, beliefs, and healthcare approach of the tribes living around our facility.

In addition, Native Americans believe that dreams can be utilized in interpreting the future. However, they might be reluctant to discuss their dreams, thinking someone will judge them. Our practitioners understand this belief and reassure our native clients that it is okay to have such discussions. The dreams also help us to assess the client’s state of mind.

Some natives believe that people from other communities move too quickly and lack time to hold a decent conversation. They are more comfortable with some silence and taking their time to think. By understanding how different cultures behave, we can offer quality alcohol and substance abuse programs to our clients.

Native American spiritualism also teaches that sacred ceremonies heal the whole self. We are honored to have a Native American elder facilitate the spiritual circle ceremony for our clients. The ritual incorporates all characteristics of a higher power.

We also engage our clients in burning/ smudging ceremonies. During these ceremonies, we encourage our patients to let go of the past. The Native American elder leads the ceremony where patients burn materials where they have written their problems, and the elder will smudge (bless) them with sage, sweetgrass, or eagle feather.

Also, our treatment for Native Americans incorporates the traditional medicine wheel from their teaching. It involves seeing the whole person, mind, body, and spirit, as an essential part of life. We show our patients how addiction affects the entire person and that they need healing in all aspects of life to recover fully.

Natives are responsive to tribal and spiritual interventions when solving their issues. We use therapy groups comprising of Native Americans led by a native therapist. Our 12-step group includes Native Americans, and they focus on tribal and spiritual matters.

We also involve family members or tribal members in the client’s therapy sessions and education and prevention programs to reduce the prevalence and risk of substance in the family system and tribe.

Our spiritual-based treatment for Native Americans does not end at the facility. We offer a long-term after-care program that focuses on cultural and spiritual aspects of the patients’ tribal and cultural beliefs to help them maintain abstinence. 

Call us for a Native American spiritual experience in your recovery journey. Please call the Royal Life Centers at 928-541-0692 to learn more about Native American alcohol treatment.

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