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Article provided by: Northwest Spokane Pediatrics

Northwest Spokane Pediatrics is the place to go for if you are looking for the best Spokane children’s doctor. One of the reasons parents choose us to provide pediatric care for their children over other pediatric offices in the region is because Northwest Spokane Pediatrics has earned a reputation for genuinely caring about the children we take care of. Here, you will find a Spokane children’s doctor who specializes in long-term pediatrics. We will remain by your family’s side throughout your children’s developmental years, and we do all we can to ensure that they live long, healthy, productive, and happy lives.

Our Spokane Children’s Doctors Offer a Broad Range of Pediatric Services

Northwest Spokane Pediatrics stands out because we offer more valuable services to our patients than most of the other pediatricians in Spokane combined. Our Spokane children’s doctors provide excellent physical, mental, and behavioral health care to our community’s kids that make a difference from birth to high-school graduation.

Indeed, Northwest Spokane Pediatrics offers a broad range of in-house pediatric services that other Spokane pediatric offices don’t; such as asthma testing, ADHD behavior assessments and treatment, and ImPACT testing for brain injuries. Also, you’ll be able to avoid the frustration of having multiple specialists for your children and enjoy the benefits of having a Spokane children’s doctor who’s by your family’s side your child’s developmental years.

Asthma Testing

Our Spokane children’s doctors offer comprehensive asthma testing services that are 100% accurate and trustworthy. If your child is diagnosed with asthma, Northwest Spokane Pediatrics will provide industry-leading asthma treatment. We’ll do everything in our power to control your child’s asthma, so it doesn’t restrict your child’s activities. This is a tall task, but asthma control is a goal that’s achievable.

Behavioral Health and ADHD Testing and Treatment

At Northwest Spokane Pediatrics, we utilize only the latest tools and technology to test, diagnose, and treat ADHD and other severe behavioral health issues. We can accurately decipher if your child suffers from one of these disorders and help you find practical solutions that will enhance the quality of life for everyone in your family. If you suspect that your minor child (regardless of his/her age) has ADHD or other behavioral health disorders, schedule an appointment for a complete assessment today.

Infant Care

Before you give birth, you will do lots of research and find a Spokane children’s doctor that you trust. If you are due to give birth, consider Northwest Spokane Pediatrics for your newborn care. We will coordinate with your delivery team and be there during your delivery. Your Spokane children’s doctor will help you make the transition from hospital to home and address all your newborn needs, health concerns, and questions.

If you’ve already given birth, but need to change pediatricians, Northwest Spokane Pediatrics would like a chance to earn your trust. Here, you will find a long-term Spokane children’s doctor that will be there when you need it most.  Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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