Most of us visit a podiatrist (foot specialist) when experiencing foot problems. Podiatry is one of the most advanced types of foot treatment available today. However, the typical approach most podiatrists will tend to use to solve foot problems is either surgery, steroid shots, or custom orthotics (usually rigid).

What if there was a type of treatment available that could work without the use of surgery or drugs? Specialized chiropractic adjustments applied to the feet with the adjusting instrument is just that. We utilize protocols that allow for restoration of subluxated foot joints by gently helping to reposition and “free up” these locked joints in the feet.

This translates into initiating a healing process that overall improves foot motion and function while simultaneously reducing pain and inflammation. Yes, a specialized type of chiropractic can work for the feet, too! Call us to set up an appointment to get started on resolving your foot problems today.