A subluxation is a simply a bone that has shifted out of its normal position, and is stuck in that position. It’s not considered a full dislocation, in which the bone would be completely out of socket or joint, but instead would be a smaller version of that. That’s why it’s called subluxation. The problem with subluxations, especially in the spine, is that over time they can cause nerve damage and cartilage degeneration. This damage can become permanent if they are not corrected.

How do Subluxations affect my health?

Our body is made up of cells and organs. These are controlled and operated by the nerves in our body. If the nervous system is altered in our bodies, then the signals cannot properly transmit to these structures. This is a big problem, because eventually the organs won’t work very well. The body then becomes weak and is susceptible to disease, poor health, and structural breakdown. Subluxations in the spine cause disruption to the nervous system because the spinal cord is inside the bones of the spine-the vertebrae. Sometimes we call this a pinched nerve. To have healthy nerves, it’s of utmost importance to keep our spinal vertebrae in proper alignment