Postural Correction


When most of us think of posture the first thing that comes to mind is “stand up straight” or “don’t slouch.” However, posture is much more than that. The true definition of posture is how the larger bony structures of the skeletal system line up with one another. What are these larger bony structures? The skull, rib cage, and pelvis are considered the large, centralized bones of the human skeleton and are key to determining posture. For example, have you ever seen an older person who is “hunched over and using a cane when they stand or walk? This is because their head (skull) sits way out in front of their torso (rib cage). This is called forward-head posture.

Forward-head posture is prevalent in our culture and is now frequently seen in young people due to the use of backpacks, smartphones, and screen time.Hours of looking down and slouching over a phone or computer can lead to a weakening of the ligaments in the neck and upper back, which then causes the head to eventually move forward over the torso and get stuck there. This is an abnormal posture that can create not only neck and back problems but overall poor health.

Here at Moncado Chiropractic, we provide an Escondido location that offers both postural and spinal corrections to the neck and back. Combining postural exercises with the proper chiropractic adjustments helps to re-establish normal posture in conditions that have developed over the years.