Specific Adjustments

Doctor analyzing a RX

Moncado Chiropractic is the “go-to” Escondido chiropractic office for precise, specific adjustments. The bottom line of effective chiropractic care without a doubt is the adjustment. Utilizing the combination of advanced techniques such as Gonstead, Blair Upper Cervical, Upper Cervical Specific, Chiropractic Biophysics, and Pierce Drop Table, Dr. Moncado is one of the few chiropractors throughout Escondido and San Diego County offering an approach to achieve structural corrections that are visible on Xray. He is a corrective care chiropractor. Corrective care is a unique type of chiropractic care designed to fix the neck and spine more thoroughly for longer-lasting results as opposed to a quick, temporary “crack” that doesn’t last as long. The goal is to administer a more ‘permanent’ approach for better healing and strengthening of the spinal joints and tissues. When spinal or extremity subluxations (bones that are stuck out of normal position) are effectively corrected, proper healing of these injured joints can take place. This not only reduces pain but restores vitality and life back to the involved tissues.